A period of reflection or thought.

Fiction Writing
My blog contains short stories, dreams, and other thoughts that go through my head. I have started submitting my short stories to magazines, so keep an eye on the news in case I manage to sell anything.
Nonfiction Writing / Editing / Proofreading
I currently work full time as an English writer and editor, but I plan to start writing even more on the side on a freelance basis in the future.




I have always had many ideas going through my head. I finally started realizing these thoughts with this blog in 2015. Since then, I have been writing and submitting short stories to literary magazines.

During my career I have managed to hone my writing and editing skills. I plan to offer my services to a wider audience in the future.

Feel free to read through my stories and other …musings on my site and connect with me via the options in the right column.

-Bridger Z. Cummings