My name is Bridger Z. Cummings and I was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States. I lived in a relatively rural environment (Jackson only had about 10,000 inhabitants, and it was the biggest city for hours) until I moved to Chicago to study web graphic design.

After about a year of that, I realized I wasn’t really good at design in general and had no desire to study it any further. I took random classes before settling on economics due its wide breadth (I also feared that web graphic design would shoehorn me into one career for the rest of my life).

I moved back to Wyoming in order to finish my Undergraduate degree in economics. In this time, I did a semester abroad at Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany.

After graduating with my Bachelors, and without any real plans, I moved back to Germany and decided to look for a job. Due to the difficulties of getting a job in the European Union, I had to focus on my native English and writing abilities, which landed me as a job as an English Content Manager.

A passion ignited inside inside me as I realized that not only was my English writing, proofreading and editing good enough to be employed with, but I actually quite enjoyed doing it. This also proved to be an excellent outlet for the stories I had in my head, and I try to write short stories on a semi-regular basis. I tend to write mainly science fiction, with the occasional fantasy or literary fiction piece thrown into the mix.

Since then, I try to keep up with writing fiction as well as keeping up with another blog of mine, I have switched jobs since my first job in Germany and I now work full time as an English writer and editor. In my first job I mainly started off doing German to English translations as I started off the English version of our website. I then wrote and proofread everything else in English. As the company was in the search engine optimization field, I learned what was important for SEO and Google. I also gained a lot of experience with a lot of different content management systems as I worked in several different ones. I now work for a company that makes personalized viral content, so I am now focusing on writing catchy text that promotes the viewer to share it with their friends.

My goal from the creative side is to publish more short stories in magazines, keep up with my blog, author a webcomic with a friend, and eventually write a few novels I have planned.
I also hope to work for other businesses and websites by writing for them or proofreading/editing/copywriting content on their website.