Quest to Finish my EVE Online to-do List

As I mentioned in my “normal” to-do list post, I have a penchant for finding goals to work towards. Before I started playing EVE again, there was some things I wanted to do, but if you read the other article, you will know that that plan didn’t really work out, and I struggled to do other things while playing EVE.

In a similar vein, there were quite a few things that I wanted to do within EVE. I kept a journal of sorts over the past couple years of playing EVE, and the following are my thoughts regarding things I wanted to accomplish in EVE. It is a little tricky to read, as I was writing notes down in the present tense, and I have tried to rewrite it all in the past tense, since it is now all in the past, but the timing of some paragraphs might appear weird, as I sometimes merged parts out of order, which might also mean I kind of repeated some things.

The first few months don’t really have much as far as notes go, I may have decided to start noting down things later. In any case, the first couple months were spent looking for a corp, and I settled on joining T.R.I.A.D. on the Minmatar side of faction warfare and joining their fleets, which was fun.

The first note I had written down was simply buying lots of ship can be troublesome. As any decent corp in EVE, we were stationed in a system that wasn’t a major trade hub, and I always needed to move ships from Rens or another trade hub. Instead of moving one ship, I of course wanted to get a reserve of them, but flying each ship was such a pain. I would sometimes use Red Frog Freight to move my stuff for me to the nearest high sec system, and then move the ships myself the last few jumps, but it was so tedious. I have always tried to make sure that any corp I join has some freighter service after that because it was too much work otherwise.

While participating in faction warfare, I had been training up a trading alt and doing some station trading. After a few months, I was successful enough. It was kind of interesting, but it was supposed to be “passive”, but it’s really not, as I would have to log in 2 or 3 times a day in order to update my trade orders, and it REALLY made EVE a job more so than just a game. I did manage to make something like 8bil doing that after just 3 or so months, but I had to stop as it was taking too much time, and I would even get a little anxious if I didn’t manage to update my trade orders at any point. This is also why I never decided to get into planetary interaction. While it is “passive” isk, I would still need to log in every day or so to update my planets, and I just didn’t want to do that.

When I first started in faction warfare, I was filled with illusions of grandeur, as I wanted to lead the Minmatar into victory against the Amarr and control the warzone. I thought I could organize everyone, but after realizing how much work that would take, I let that dream dwindle, especially after seeing how the Minmatar got the Amarr down to 3 systems at one point I believe, but we just couldn’t beat them and get the entire warzone.

I also was inspired to try solo PVP, and I was attempting to get some solo kills. In the end, it’s terribly time consuming, and it usually resulted in my death. Small gang stuff was usually more rewarding, not only because I didn’t die as often, but it was also just nice to be on comms with everyone else and talking to them. I still pursued some solo kills, but in the end, if I wanted to play a solo experience, I would be best off finding a single player game or at least a game where venturing out on my own and getting ganked isn’t so punishing. My original goal was 100 solo kills, but I then dropped it down to 50. If you can’t meet your expectations, then lower them. I then spent a few nights roaming, and after several hours invested, and 3 ships lost, I kind of decided that solo hunting just wasn’t what I would call fun anymore. I already had 3 solo kills, so I set set my goal to 10, which I should have been able to do with the 60+ ships I had recently bought. Despite the fact that I play quite a bit, I just didn’t play enough to get that good at solo pvp, and I kept losing my ships. Another goal was to get 1000 kills in general, but I just scrapped that one in its entirety. I still wanted to get 500k LP (which is worth about 500 or so mil) from FW, which I was more than halfway to at the point I initially noted this down, and I could get that easily enough if I tried. For a while I also tried using some pirate ships in gangs (and not solo because I didn’t want to immediately lose them).

After the Crius update, I also finally wanted to try my hand in industry. Among some other mods, I also wanted to make at least 1 tech 2 ship. I trained the appropriate skills, copied the blueprints to get BPCs, and then started inventing tech 2 BPCs, which was kind of cool, which I then built, and shipped back to a trade hub and sold.

On a side note, at one point before going out on a solo roam, I figured I would check out the belts before, and lo and behold, there was a Barghest, the Mordus Legion battleship. I managed to kill it with a little help from a corp member. I then looked into the BPC price, and the finished price with cost of materials taken into account, and if I made it, I would be able to sell it for about 150 more mil than if I just sold the BPC. In the end, I made 1.05 bil, which was nice.

I then kept inventing, getting more and more tech 2 BPCs, and was waiting for my skills to get high enough to build the mods/ships as well.

At this point, I was already getting frustrated with not making any progress on my EVE to-do list. I was enjoying the game, but solo pvp was proving to be really difficult. I knew what to do theoretically, but in the heat of the moment, my adrenaline got to be too much, and I kept making mistakes. Since my goal was now only 10 solo kills at this point, I had 7 to go, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with it (and also not my personal to-do list, which made it doubly frustrating). I then decided to lower my goal down to 3 solo kills, meaning I only wanted to successfully kill others once in each of the three ships that I wanted to do it in. I was already wishing that I didn’t have any particular goals, and to just log in and shoot stuff, but as you might notice from the length of this post, that obviously didn’t happen.

I finally got another solo kill, which left me with just 2 more kills. I figured I would then “solo” in other games, and Starpoint Gemini 2 proved to be a very fun single player spaceship game. Otherwise, soloing in EVE was just too much, and I was really looking forward to getting 1 kill in the other 2 ships I had lined up and then being fairly done with soloing.

Luckily not too much later, I also got a solo kill in a Wolf, which is one of my more favorite ships. I managed to snag a FW farming frig that only had a MWD since he was d-plexing. It was still rewarding though because I had been chasing him for a good 10 minutes or so as he kept jumping out of plexes as I warped in, so I had to time it right and get us to land at the same time on the outside of a plex where I managed to point him. The tears were salty.

I then finally got my 500k in LP from doing plexes. I used some of it before I ever actually got to 500k, but I wanted to get at least half a mil in the journal, which means I likely made 600k or so.

Due to vacations and needing to take care of things in real life, I then mostly played skill queue online for a few months. During that time though, I kept slowly working on invention and tech 2 manufacturing. I would only log in every few days and update my industry jobs as needed. I was also buying raw materials I would need and shipping them to my manufacturing station. Over a few months, I made a few hundred warp scramblers, Valkyries, hammerheads, tracking enhancers, and drone link augmentators, as well as about 100 wolfs, 20 jaguars, and 40 hounds. I finally made everything and realized that the sale price on almost all of those have plummeted, especially the ships themselves. Regardless, I looked up prices for them and settled on selling everything in Hek and Rens, and what a fucking chore it was. The best prices for ships were in Hek, so I moved my things there. The modules and drones went easily enough in Rens, but the ships were a fucking nightmare to sell. I was battling with people who seemed to be logged in every minute, every day, updating minutely. I literally spent a couple evenings doing NOTHING else but sitting there updating my orders, and still barely anything sold because of the sheer amount of other losers doing exactly what I was doing, but more effectively it seemed. I started to suspect they might be using bots, but I didn’t have a way to prove it so I just had to suffer. I sold most of the mods, but I still had so many ships. Invention and production itself was OK, but the selling of it sucks. I am pretty sure I was selling everything at a loss, and I think I lost about 500m doing all of this (despite setting up buy orders for parts, making some parts myself for more profit, making everything in low indexed systems, and putting up sell orders). It just turned into a massive time sink and minor isk sink. 2/10, would not do again. I am really curious how successful inventors/producers/sellers do it, as I tried to do everything, but falling prices and insane competition made it a nightmare.

I really needed to find a source of income that didn’t involve logging in on a regular basis, but that seemed to leave me with lvl 4 missions. At this point, I was already thinking that I would just pvp as long as I could with what isk I had and then quit the game….

What was most annoying about trying to sell everything is that I couldn’t do anything else. It really is a job because I couldn’t play other games, or log in to my main to pvp. I was stuck updating fucking orders every 40 seconds in systems other than Jita, solely in hopes of selling it to recover as much of my losses as possible. I wanted to just pvp or play other games or do fun stuff in my free time, not sit there and update orders. I was still updating order after a few weeks. What a waste of time, especially because I lost isk in the end on the whole deal.

On the other hand, after a while, I did manage to go out and I had quite a successful run with a Tristan. My goal was to get 1 solo kill, which I did get, plus 1 more, and a few kills in conjunction with a corp member. I even managed to get 5 or 6 kills before I lost the Tristan. Despite not being a favorite ship of mine, the Tristan is a mean ship,and I was quite successful with it. Next up was my scram kiting Incursus.

I also had too many ships, almost 100 I believe. It was actually kind of overwhelming me just looking at all those ships I wanted to use/get blown up before I moved on to the next thing on the list. I then just decided to sell about half of them at a reduced rate to my corp members. That left me with about 50, plus some in other stations. I planned to just lose almost all of them in solo endeavors, and also use some other ones that I haven’t used before at least once. If I train into a ship, I usually want to get at least one kill in that ship, just to really see how it handles. After I managed to do that, I would have felt good about leaving and doing something else.

Even after that, I still had stuff to sell from way back when I still did station trading, since I never did manage to completely sell off all my assets, plus I still had some tech 2 ships I made to sell. One of the items that I had a bit of stock of were quite a few Minmatar UUA chips. All my chips were in Hek, on sell orders at about twice the going rate, since the price tanked since I last bought them. While jumping in between Hek and Rens though, I noticed that they were completely sold out in Rens. I decided to move my chips there and they sold almost immediately. I was thinking about buying some chips in Hek and moving them to Rens, but I didn’t want to end up doing trading again so I let a huge opportunity slide.

Another ship that I just wanted to get one kill in was the Hookbill, and I finally did that in a fleet with my alliance.

I then decided to put in a couple speed implants and I went out with some drugs in hopes of getting a solo kill in my scram kiting Incursus. I did manage to do it, and it felt great in that I managed to lift the (self imposed) weight of trying to get some certain solo kills off my shoulders. I thought I would then just focus on making isk and joining fleets when possible instead of wasting my time looking for solo fights. I decided to continue roaming though while my drugs were still active, and I managed to get 1 or 2 more kills (my notes are a little fuzzy, and I don’t feel like scouring my killboard). The last kill though was a plexing Merlin, and I tried to get him, but he warped to a safe when I came in the plex. I then left the system, and immediately came back into system and warped to the plex he was just at. As I suspected, when he saw that I left local, he warped back to the plex, and we both landed there at about the same time, enabling me to get a scram on him outside the plex and pop him.

Since I knew my time in faction warfare was coming to an end, I was trying to downsize and get ride of some ships, mostly by blowing them up. I went out on some solo runs and (un?)successfully lost them to ganks and got them destroyed. I also wanted to try to use some pirate ships in fleets, so I was trying to use the Garmur and Daredevil and other ships. Another ship I wanted to lose was a hull tanked Tristan, which was more or less a joke setup. As it goes though, it took weeks before I could lose it because either we were victorious, or the FC didn’t want a Tristan. Of course when I want to lose a ship, it lasts for weeks…

I did finally lose the Tristan though, and I used a few pirate ships that I had owned for a while, and I then made a corp video.

After making that video though, I didn’t play much EVE for a couple months as I kind of got overwhelmed/bored with it, and I was actually playing a lot of Path of Exile. The biggest thing that I loved was that I could get on PoE and just get into action and start fighting enemies, whereas EVE always requires a fleet, and even if we have one, it’s not for sure that anything exciting will happen. I even looked at my extensive list of things that I would have liked to try in EVE, and I cut out a whole bunch, because I barely even had a drive to play EVE for a while. A lot of the things that I cut out, which I might attempt at again if I sign up for EVE again, were:

Joining some NPSI fleets

Do some incursions (I have never done any)

Try some certain ships like the Megathron and Cyclone

Complete one/some Epic mission arc(s)

Join a merc corp for a while

Join Phoebe Freeport Republic for a while (I remember seeing them start, and their whole idea is pretty cool)

Join Rote Kapelle for a while (I saw their advert during an alliance tournament, and I was intrigued.

I would have ideally liked to do all of those, but further down the list was joining a wormhole corp, and more importantly, joining Mordus Angels, which I wanted to do before Fanfest 2016, which was only a few months away at this point. Why Mordus Angels you may ask? Simply because they are anti-Goons, and I also just love all of the hate that they get. Many years ago when I last played EVE, I was part of Veritas Immortalis when Goons and the Red Alliance took our stations from us. Goons were dweebs then, and seemed to still be so, and I just decided to make them my own personal enemy, and I wanted to join a group that was solely devoted to harassing them, as it would be great to see Goons topple one day, but that was just a dream.

If I wanted to get into the position I wanted to by Fanfest, I would need to buckle down and work on my stuff in EVE. I still wanted to make a few solo kills, as I had been collecting recordings for a video, and now that I wasn’t hellbent on getting kills in certain ships, I was actually performing much better with ships that proved to be most effective. I had more or less completed my other to-do list at this point, meaning that I could now …start playing EVE again, although I was already playing it… But I could now more comfortably focus on EVE, and not feel a nagging to complete other things before focusing on EVE. I wanted to try the new Maulus Navy Issue, so I took it out with a scram kiting setup. 4 points at 13km is nice, but in the end, I lost the ship and I didn’t really care for it after all. I then took out a scram kiting Comet and I made a couple kills with it, and I believe it to be one of my favorite frigs now.

I had acquired enough solo video content, so I then buckled down and made my solo FW video. I then started pulling back assets that were spread across the warzone, I did another firesale to corp members and made some isk, and consolidated and downsized so I only had a few ships left that I really cared for.

After looking around at some other corps, I then went through the application process and joined Catastrophic Overview Failure. After I left T.R.I.A.D., and therefore faction warfare, I cashed out all my FW LP and sold the items in Rens, yielding me almost 1.5bil, which was a nice addition of isk.

I joined COF in their wormhole and was flying with them a bit. My goal while in COF was to get at least 1 kill in my cloaky, webby Loki, my Deimos, my Vigilant and in my solo Proteus. I was using stealth bombers at the beginning for the most part, just to get used to WHs. I eventually brought my Deimos to an engagement on a wormhole, and I did end up losing it. I was so used to getting 1 minute timers and not being able to jump, that I didn’t even think of jumping through the WH, which I should have done to save my ship.

I was getting much more comfortable with wormholes and using siggy, so I decided I would take my Proteus out for a solo roam. It wasn’t successful. There’s just no targets, practically every system is empty and lifeless, but I decided I wouldn’t stop until I was successful. I kept scanning out chains that had…no enemies in every chain from our home system. At one point I saw a Proteus and a Stratios on dscan and I warped to them just hoping to get a fight, even if I lost, but they were gone before I got to the hole they were at, and I didn’t see them on the other side. I then ended up finding another system that I thought would be good as a “base of operations”. It was a c2 with a static c1 and a static high. I was hoping that the high connection would eventually lead to a promising place, and then it finally did. I spent several days (and dozens of hours) up until this point, roaming from our home wormhole, and then creating my own base that I thought would attract day trippers more effectively than me roaming through countless systems. The static high connection eventually linked to a system near Jita, and then some people finally started flowing in. In my first encounter, I found a Magnate that I tried for a good 30 or so minutes to catch. He knew what he was doing though and was always managing to warp out. I ended up scanning his ship down at a safe and then warping to it. I got a point… and he warped. Damn stabbed bastard. I chased him around for a while just out of spite, and he eventually left the system. I continued to roam nearby wormholes and coming back into what I had called “BOO” for “Base Of Operations”. I eventually found a Heron and spent a few minutes trying to catch him. He was always scanning from safes, but when I warped to him, he was always too far away as he was moving, and the one time I did decloak, he warped away. Another game of cat and mouse ensued, but I eventually found him at a relic site. I waited by a relic site, and then I finally managed to nab him. My first, and only solo kill in a Proteus. I would have wished I could have attacked a Drake or something that would have fought back, but this was the first thing I had even found that I could engage in several dozen hours of roaming. I don’t think I will be roaming again solo, it’s just too much work and not any fun without people on comms. I did make a mildly satirical video about it though.

I did some more pvp in the wormhole, and never once did PVE. I did end up using my Loki and Vigilant, and they are nice ships. I never tried PVE though because I knew I wouldn’t be staying long and I didn’t want to invest in a 1bil PVE rattlesnake. I am also not the most risk averse, but risking that in a WH, where I can’t know who is in local, was just a bit too much for me.

After a couple months, I finally parted ways with COF, got my ships back to high sec, and joined Under Heavy Fire in Mordus Angels. The timing was pretty great too, because World War Bee was just picking up, with most targets set on Goons and the Imperium. I was also just really looking forward to “finishing EVE” because it just takes so much damn time, and Fanfest was only a month or so away now. I really just wanted to be in the corp that suited my “end goal” when I was at Fanfest. It was half in hopes of meeting other MoA members while at the Fanfest, but it seemed like nobody else from MoA went unfortunately.

In any case, there were still some things I wanted to do in EVE, so I needed to start working on them while in MoA. I have never used capital ships, so one of the things I decided to train up to was a dreadnought and get a Naglfar. I wanted to buy one, and ideally use it, but we all know that MoA doesn’t use capital ships all that often, so I figured I would likely need to get my cap experience on the test server. But I still needed to buy one first, and that was going to take a few weeks when I asked about people making one for me.

I also trained into command destroyers, and I would have liked to use the Bifrost at least once, but that doesn’t seem to be a ship that MoA uses much, and in order to really use it effectively, you really need to have the FC on board, so I never did use my Bifrost. I settled with playing around with one on the test server, moving ships apart from each other that were engaging each other, which was more entertaining than I thought it would have been.

One ship that I really wanted to use was my insta-blapping Loki. It was a different fit than my previous Loki, and this one featured 40k EHP tank, 1,700mm locking speed (meaning I targeted pods and frigs in just over a second), and 4k alpha damage, meaning I could pop most frigs and destroyers (as well as pods) in one shot. I desperately wanted to use it at least once simply because it seemed so fun, but almost every time MoA had a fleet, it was with a doctrine (which is totally understandable), so I didn’t get to take it out for the longest time.

I sometimes missed the kitchen sink days of FW, but that also was usually kitchen sink only because FCs never wanted anything more than a tech 1 frig or dessy, which also annoyed me, since I sometimes wanted to bring out a slightly better ship. In the end, it is fun to fly with others, but unless I am FCing, it is really just being an F1 monkey. If I have goals (Like use my Loki 1 damn time), it is likely it will never be realized. As such, I have barely been playing as I have other things to do, and I can actively work on other projects, or even play other games. As an example, I played Path of Exile a lot last month with the goal of affording a unique item that was only available for a few months. It seemed really unattainable, but I could play a lot, and I always accrued more currency and worked towards the goal, and in the end, literally hours before the league ended, I managed to buy it. But I could actively work towards a goal and slowly but surely see myself approaching that goal in other games like PoE. EVE is a little different sometimes, but it depends on your goal. Making ISK/money isn’t a problem, but sometimes I really just wanted to use a ship that I had come up with, and I could never get the chance (unless I went on a suicide solo roam, but purposely throwing away a 700mil ship, just to see how it works out isn’t quite in my means). If I decided to spend an evening playing EVE, it could literally sometimes be spent doing nothing but sitting in a station or gatecamping or going on a roam where nobody wants to engage. If I play other games, I can get in, do some action, and see my character level up or get new items or beat levels or actually accomplish something. In EVE, it is usually get on and join a fleet, and there could not even be any action, basically allocating an evening of gaming to warping between gates whereas I could have spent it on other games accomplishing much more. On the other hand, sometimes you do manage to log in and have some great fights, but in the end, it still feels like nothing has been accomplished somehow, so even though there was some exciting fights, my goal-orientated personality really just gets irked at the lack of any progress per say when an evening of EVE turns out to be event-less.

A last point of contention is having to pay for my ships. People who play a lot have a lot of ISK of course, and while I did almost have 10b from doing station trading and some other things, ever since giving station trading up, I have only ever seen my ISK go down without finding a suitable replacement. Anything that gets decent isk takes way too much time investment, and that’s what drove me away from station trading as it was too much of a a damn job.

I didn’t rat at all in my wormhole days, and while everyone said I would be rolling in the dough, my corp never seemed to ever do any PVE except solo gas huffing, so I didn’t make any money there. They encouraged me to buy a 900m ratting rattlesnake, but with no PVE events, I wasn’t about to attempt risking a ship that cost almost 1b trying to get some isk. I also tried ratting in nullsec with an ishtar while I was in MoA. I have almost perfect skills and was killing BSes in about 4 or 5 shots, but still only getting 10m or so ticks, meaning about 30m per hour.

A fitted dread is going to cost me about 2.5b, so that is about 83 hours of ratting in order to replace another loss. That 700m Loki would have taken me about 23 hours to replace. Some people brag about 100m ticks, and while I don’t see that as possible without a carrier or something, even if I did manage 100m ticks, that’s still 25 hours to replace a dread. I could be halfway through an entire lengthy RPG game in the time it would cost me to replace 1 ship, and that’s with making serious dough. With my experience, I could have probably beaten 2 RPGs in the time it took me to finance another dreadnought. Alternatively, I could buy PLEX and buy ships, but with PLEX currently being about 800m, that would be 3 PLEX to finance a dread, meaning that 1 dread would cost me $60 to buy one more ship, which could be very well destroyed (if it ever got deployed). It is just too much sometimes, as I just haven’t managed to find that glorious isk faucet that doesn’t involve spending ungodly amount of hours accruing said wealth. All of this also put me off a little bit from EVE, because once I run out of isk, it is going to be hell getting enough isk to continue.

Lastly, I had yet to see Thera since it came out, so I definitely wanted to go there before I quit. I figured it would be a suicide roam, but I didn’t really care.

Before I went to Therea though, I wanted to work on and finish my last EVE video, which required many more hours than I initially anticipated. I would occasionally get on EVE and either try and camp our station in 5zxx in hopes of shooting an enemy with my Loki, although I barely ever saw neuts coming in and out of there, or I would see if I could join a fleet with my loki, but almost every fleet didn’t permit me to bring my Loki, so I would just log off and work on other things like my movie or playing other games. After a few weeks though, I finally did finish my EVE Can Can video, which proved to be more well received than I could have hoped for, which was encouraging.

I then got in touch with a real life friend of mine who plays EVE, and I decided we needed to do something together, and I thought going to Thera would be cool, since neither of us should have friendlies in there. We were planning on going one evening, but that got posponed.

After Thera didn’t happen, I later went out with a fleet with an FC that said we could bring whatever. I asked if I could bring my Loki, and while he was skeptical, he said I could. I then finally managed to pop a stealth bomber in one hit when we were on a gate. I was super impressed with the Loki fit, and I even managed to pop the pod too.

That was the last of the ships that I wanted to get a kill in (other than the Naglfar, but I wasn’t going to wait for that). I then felt like I could join fleets without feeling like I really need to use a certain ship, because I have used all the ones I wanted to. I could then just keep my favorites for kitchen sink fleets and happily use doctrine ships from now on out, although I only planned to play for another week or so at this point anyways. It was also really cool, because at some point, the Money Badger Coalition, which we were a part of , toppled the Imperium and Goonswarm, kicking them out of their systems and forcing them into one NPC station. It was always a dream of mine to see the Goons go down, and to actually see it happen really put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, even if I only played a very minor role as a line member.

I then finally went to Thera with my friend. It was way too big and empty. We flew around, and the only thing we saw was another fleet that outnumbered us 5:1 with largely superior firepower. We decided to leave and then camp a different wormhole, but we were eventually baited and a fleet of 10 or so ships warped in on us and got us after baiting us with a Procurer. It was fun, and I saw Thera, so we parted ways and I managed to get back to 5ZXX.

The only thing I was waiting on was my Naglfar, which should have been done the previous day, but the people I was buying it from were busy and should have gotten it to me the following day (as of writing this down). I did get my Naglfar, and after doing some hydrogen isotope runs to get enough isotopes to jump to our main station, I got it there and fit (well almost, since they recently added one more turret slot). It would be nice to use it in real combat at least once, but that can wait, plus I am not so keen on risking a 3bil ship, and I did practice a bit on the test server, and I am not going to play more than a week. But I now own a Naglfar and could cross that off the list. In case I ever do come back to EVE though, it will be nice to be able to suitcase all my ships if needed.

With that though, my goals for EVE Online have been concluded, if you will, and less than a week before my subscription renews too. I will be canceling my EVE subscription. I really do enjoy EVE, but it takes too much damn time, time which I could spend working on other backlogged games, shows, and books. Maybe in a couple years when I have more free time and I don’t have so many other games, books, and shows I would like to get to, I would love to give it another shot. I would also try to keep the to-do list down to a minimum if I come back and simply try to enjoy the time instead of the goal completion. For now though, I wish to focus on other things.

I would have liked to go on one last roam this weekend, but since I just moved, I don’t have internet yet, and I am posting this by tethering my phone, and playing EVE would kill my data for the month.

It just so happens that my subscription will run out on Independence Day (in the USA), which was a humorous coincidence, since I am leaving EVE, and “winning” EVE for now.

uninstall eve

Fly safe, and I hope see you again in a couple years when I have more free time.


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