Escape into the Slave I

This would be the last of my really old dreams that I remembered much later and wrote down. Everything after this has been lost to the annals of poor memory over time, up until I start writing down my dreams, which started again in college sometime.

Escape into the Slave I

As with all my old dreams, the details are fuzzy. I was running through a densely wooded forest, leaping over fallen trees that were ravaged with moss. All around me laser shots missed us and hit the trees that we were running through. I believe my old friends from when I was younger, Josh, Hailey, and Nathan, were running with me away from something/someone, and they were trying to shoot us with red lasers.

We retreated into the woods as the red lasers flashed around us until we came into a clearing where the Slave I (which is Boba Fett’s ship from Star Wars for those of you who don’t know the name) was waiting for us. We quickly ran up the ramp into the hull, which was much larger on the inside than it should have been since we all fit inside with ample space to spare. I jumped into the pilot’s seat and prepared for departure. I remember putting on some sort of headband that contained a device like Boba Fett’s antenna, which I swiveled down to be positioned in front of my eye. I then simply took off and the ship got off the ground as the door closed, and we exited the atmosphere into the safety of space.

I remember swiveling around in my chair (which seemed like a really comfortable desk chair) and looking around the large room behind me to see my friends sitting on boxes or laying down, recovering from our recent flight from our pursuer with the lasers.

That was about it, and then I woke up.

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