Attack of the Wurm

Another dream from my earlier days in college.

Attack of the Wurm

In my dream, I was walking around some hangar/warehouse area, and I walked into a warehouse that had 2 or 3 people in it talking underneath a spaceship that was parked in the warehouse. They saw me and asked if I would like to go with them in the spaceship they had found because it was fully functional. I was really torn between seeing everything else in the universe and leaving and going into space, because if I did that, I would have to leave everything else on earth behind.

While I was standing there making my decision, we suddenly heard a bunch of screaming and about a hundred or 2 hundred people came running into the hangar in terror. I guess they came from somewhere else and were coming in here for safety. The floor in the warehouse abruptly split and this giant wurm creature burst through into the warehouse and we all had to run out of that building. We fled to a different warehouse, where we made a makeshift camp in the middle of the warehouses because we couldn’t leave. Apparently the wurm had caused some major nuclear waste spill and we were now stuck, surrounded by a very huge moat of acid/radiation.

Stuck on our island, we had to take shifts fighting against creatures that came onto our island. One time I was fighting these weird 4 foot (about 120cm) tall sludge golems, and everyone just walked off and left me, and I was getting overrun. I struggled really hard and finally started to push them back. After I almost finished fighting them, a creature that looked like the Night Crawler from Marvel (humanoid, but with a long, pointy tail. He was almost completely black and kind of cat-like looking) came out, and I started wrestling with it to pin it. Someone saw how much I was struggling with that and some people finally came to help me, and we pinned it and started bringing it back to camp. We went back to the base in the warehouse, and when we got it back to the camp, it was suddenly a white-skinned man which was completely unlike the beast we had just wrestled with. We were surprised and thought we had made a mistake, but then it turned back into the creature, and then back into a human again. He then explained to us that he had come here to help us. I then woke up before anything else could happen though.

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