Food Fight on the Great Wall

Here is another one of my dreams I had from when I was much younger.

As the dream goes, I was walking along the Great Wall of China with an old friend of mine, Chris.

We were walking along the wall, but in my dream, I believe the wall was much wider than it is in reality as it seemed to be about 20ft or so wide. I was carrying a paper-sack lunch with me as we were walking down the wall and I pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from my paper-sack. I held the sandwich in the palm of my hands and proceeded to squish the sandwich with my other fist for some reason. As I was squishing the sandwich, Chris and I came up to one of the guard towers that are spaced out along the wall. The tower was equally as wide as the wall, and again equally long, making the interior quite roomy compared to how much more tight the towers must be in real life.

We entered the guard tower to discover that the interior was actually a large cafeteria, complete with round tables, chairs, and people sitting at the tables. The tables all had a plate of some food at each table, with each table having different food than the other tables. The people sitting at each table all wore the same color of shirts, making it look like they were part of team. Everyone was eerily quiet, awkwardly looking around as we quietly walked up to our table, which I guess we knew because our shirts matched the shirts the others at that table were wearing. We took our seats and started awkwardly looking around with the others, like everyone was waiting for something to happen which would never come to be.

After a few moments, I took the initiative, stood up, grabbed a handful of cake from our table and started throwing it at nearby tables.

The food fight was on! People started returning fire and throwing food in our direction and the whole room erupted in chaos as artillery of cake, mashed potatoes, bread, and any other soft food, sailed through the air.

My dream ended up ending during the fight as we all continuously threw food at others from other tables.

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