Flying Mac and Cheese

I was still living at my mom’s old place on lilac lane, so I was probably a teenager at this point in real life.

In my dream, I was on the back porch. Our back porch was like most: OK sized, and it rose about 1 foot off the ground. The difference was that in my dream, the porch actually rose about 15 or 20 feet off the ground, making it a fairly steep fall if you were to go off of the back porch.

There were a few other people on the back porch whose identities I can’t recall. These other people were all making paper planes and throwing them off of the back porch. Since the porch was so high in my dream, the paper planes would glide for quite a while before touching down with the ground.

I was watching the others throw paper airplanes off the back porch when I started hearing some sort of alarm going off. I looked off the porch to discover an alarm clock on the ground with a really long power cable snaking up the wall below my feet, going by me to plug into the side of the house behind me. I figured that the alarm was coming from the alarm clock below me, so I unplugged it from the wall, but alas, that was not it, and the alarm persisted to ring.

I looked around for a few moments, pondering where the sound was originating from, and through a window set in the wall of the house, I could see the kitchen, and more importantly, the oven. That had to be it! I went through the back door, turned to my left and went into the kitchen. Although the oven had many dials in real life, like a normal oven would, the oven only had 1 dial on it in my dream. I figured that had to be it though, so I turned the dial to the side.

The alarm didn’t turn off, instead the light for the oven turned on so I could see the contents on the inside of the oven. At first all I could see was an empty oven, but then, from seemingly nowhere, macaroni started pouring into the oven and flying around in a circle in the oven, mysteriously suspended in a doughnut-like formation as it twirled around some invisible tornado. I was quite perplexed, so I turned the dial once more in hopes of somehow fixing the situation (and turning off the persistent alarm). Instead of stopping the macaroni, turning the dial again seemed to cause a liquidy cheese solution to also start pouring into the oven, mixing with the macaroni, effectively making a flying doughnut of macaroni and cheese inside the oven.

At that point, I stood up, utterly lost. I guess my stepdad, Dave, was in the living room in my dream, so I turned towards the living room and started to ask him for help:

Hey Dave, can you –

And then I woke up halfway through my sentence, while still talking and finishing my sentence as I woke up:

– help me turn off the oven?”

(Note that I don’t remember exactly what I said since it was so many years ago, but it was something along those lines)

Lo and behold, the alarm that I was hearing the whole time in my dream was my real alarm clock. I got up, went over to my alarm, turned it off and prepared for school.

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  1. Bridger,
    I loved the flying macaroni story!

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