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Into The Vault

This was another dream that I had while in University. Although I was in Chicago at the time, my dream started off in my hometown, Jackson, WY.

My dream started off with me standing in front of the Staples store on Broadway in Jackson. I was actually looking at the other side of the street where the Taco Bell is (was? I heard it shut down actually). In my dream though, it wasn’t a Taco Bell, but rather another fast food restaurant that I had dreamed about being in this place in other dreams (I unfortunately haven’t written any of those dreams with this recurring location down, though). While looking across the street, I was tlaking with some unknown person to my side until a school bus came by, which I boarded. I was whisked away to school (which is just odd, because I was already 19 and in University at the time), and I walked into a classroom. Inside the room were only 3 other people – my old roommates, Greg and Josh, and another random person.

We left the classroom and started walking around the school. At first, the school seemed quite normal, but we did end up finding a hangar inside the school with a spaceship parked inside.

My memory got fuzzy, unfortunately, so I don’t recall quite how it happened, but I somehow ended up north of Jackson with the others. It is the middle of winter and the entire area is blanketed in snow. The air was cold enough that it hurt to breathe, and in addition to that, it is dark.

Greg kept insisting that he had to go north of Jackson over some moutain range, but I needed to go south of Jackson, towards Etna (a small town south of Jackson). I ultimately decided to just go with greg and have my dad pick me up at our destination by reasoning that going south would be boring and crossing the mountains would be more exciting.

The 2 others (Josh and the random person) decided to follow us as well, and we all took off towards the mountains. Once we got to the mountain, we started ascending it, but we quickly found a door in the side of the mountain that led to a bomb shelter like the one from Fallout 3. One of us managed to hack the door’s security and we entered through the now open vault door.

Inside, everything was surprisingly well lit, but completely deserted. We kept going deeper into the vault, walking through doors and hallways, with us hacking the doors each time. It reminded me of a construction site with all the rooms because there were still production and manufacturing goods like they were making the place and then just abruptly stopped.

After a while of exploring the vault, we found ourselves at a gift shop so we started looking around what it had to offer. Inside the shop was a cool variety of anime, star wars, Magic the gathering, and other various nerdy stuff. Basically everything I was interested in. I picked up a gold-plated Death Star, which was met with the wrath of Josh because he snapped at me, exclaiming that he was about to pick it up. I don’t know what agreement we came to afterwards, but we worked it out and I got to keep it.

The other random guy and I decided to keep going and we went through a couple doors and as we were walking through the doors we came across a long hallway and upon investigating the attached rooms, we found that there were classes of people in there. I can’t recall what was so bad, but by looking in and listening, we could tell things were not good, and we had to get out. I believe it was giving off some serious cult-like vibe.

The two of us turned around to leave the way we came, but Greg and Josh had decided to follow us, and they were entering the hallway. We signaled for the two of them to be quiet and to stop entering the hallway, which they luckily complied with. The other guy and I started creeping our way back to the exit, but someone in one of the classes saw us and signaled an alarm for the others. Two people wielding batons exited from one of the rooms adjacent to the hallway and started running after us.

The four of us now took off, running away from them as quick as possible. All the doors that we had hacked and passed through were now closed, so we had to run away from the guards and then rapidly hack the door so we could open it and continue fleeing. I remember it being incredibly fast-paced, exciting, and stressful as we were chased. We kept gaining ground as we were running, but every door slowed us down, allowing them to gain considerable ground on us.

We were before one of the last doors, about to make our escape, but the baton-wielding goons had almost caught up to us. I awkwardly managed to pull out a knife that I had in my pocket, and I hurled it at the bigger of the two goons, who was trailing slightly behind the smaller, quicker one.

The knife somehow managed to land squarely in his throat, which was confirmed with a gurgling that came from him as he dropped to the ground. The other goon paused and glanced back at his companion before looking at me again with a horrified look on his face. In that time that he turned around and looked back at me, I had pulled out another knife that I had on me (I honestly can’t recall where I pulled it from this time) and had closed the gap between us.

I had the knife pressed against his throat, and in an attempt to freak him out, I put on a playful tone, much like Harley Quinn would do.

“What?” I playfully coaxed him, “You’re not going to let us run and have a little fun?”

Terror washed over his eyes, and in that moment, I woke up from my dream.

I think university might have been stressing me a bit…

Cruising on Bikes

Another dream that I had from back in my college days. It really was an uneventful, although pleasant dream.

My dream simply went that Josh, my old roommate, and I were riding around on motorcycles.

Josh had a motorcycle, and I have wanted one for a long time (and still do), and we were just cruising across the country on our motorcycles.

While driving in my dream, one of our bikes broke down so we had to stop and fix it before we could continue.

And that’s about it, I was just watching us cruise down the highway from a perspective like a helicopter following us, not really much more to say.

Poisonous Spiders

Again, from my university days, I had a dream that I went to some relative’s house and had to use their bathroom to poop. When I went to the bathroom and looked at the toilet, the area between the toilet and the wall was saturated with cobwebs, and the cobwebs were teeming with a bunch of small poisonous spiders. I obviously didn’t want to sit down right next to a nest of poisonous spider and possibly be bitten, so I simply left.

I think this dream ended, however it might have been related to my following dream, or it could have been the same dream.

The next part / next dream started off with a bunch of kids I knew (all who were a couple years younger than me, but I can’t actually recall who they all were anymore). We all went on some expedition to some sort of power plant or factory-like location. Something went wrong and we had to evacuate for some reason, unfortunately I can’t recall what exactly. I came back to the same location after many, many years with another small group and the place seemed completely devoid of humans, abandoned. However, it was now infested with tons of small poisonous spiders. As we were walking through the complex, a lot of little hatches started opening to either side of us and people were crawling out, some of whom I recognized from the original expedition. Everyone seemed to have forgotten me for some reason, even though I recognized them. After the initial encounter, we found their leader and were exchanging notes and words with each other. We discovered that the people who lived there had already made it possible to live entirely underground, and they were amazed to figure out that we (as other people) lived mostly above ground. They explained that they sometimes came above ground for necessities or when they found out that people were in the factory, like we were, and wanted to investigate.

One of the new people in the new expedition I was with was amazed and disgusted that they could do this and thought he had to kill them all because they had become… “something else.” When he was told that they had a self-contained underground ecosystem, he frantically pressed “Well what do you do about plants?!” The underground dwellers said that the plants grew just fine (apparently these plants didn’t need photosynthesis to live). The person in my party that was interrogating them became crazed with the fact that the plants didn’t need sunlight, at which point he backed off very ominously into the shade underneath a building, fading into the darkness (note: he was dressed like a dragoon the entire time for some reason). My dream then ended.

Attack of the Wurm

Another dream from my earlier days in college.

Attack of the Wurm

In my dream, I was walking around some hangar/warehouse area, and I walked into a warehouse that had 2 or 3 people in it talking underneath a spaceship that was parked in the warehouse. They saw me and asked if I would like to go with them in the spaceship they had found because it was fully functional. I was really torn between seeing everything else in the universe and leaving and going into space, because if I did that, I would have to leave everything else on earth behind.

While I was standing there making my decision, we suddenly heard a bunch of screaming and about a hundred or 2 hundred people came running into the hangar in terror. I guess they came from somewhere else and were coming in here for safety. The floor in the warehouse abruptly split and this giant wurm creature burst through into the warehouse and we all had to run out of that building. We fled to a different warehouse, where we made a makeshift camp in the middle of the warehouses because we couldn’t leave. Apparently the wurm had caused some major nuclear waste spill and we were now stuck, surrounded by a very huge moat of acid/radiation.

Stuck on our island, we had to take shifts fighting against creatures that came onto our island. One time I was fighting these weird 4 foot (about 120cm) tall sludge golems, and everyone just walked off and left me, and I was getting overrun. I struggled really hard and finally started to push them back. After I almost finished fighting them, a creature that looked like the Night Crawler from Marvel (humanoid, but with a long, pointy tail. He was almost completely black and kind of cat-like looking) came out, and I started wrestling with it to pin it. Someone saw how much I was struggling with that and some people finally came to help me, and we pinned it and started bringing it back to camp. We went back to the base in the warehouse, and when we got it back to the camp, it was suddenly a white-skinned man which was completely unlike the beast we had just wrestled with. We were surprised and thought we had made a mistake, but then it turned back into the creature, and then back into a human again. He then explained to us that he had come here to help us. I then woke up before anything else could happen though.


Like my other more recent dreams that I have recorded, this took sometime since I started going to college. It’s a little messed up; we will chalk it up to the stress from college.


In my dream, I was an old man living in New York City and I would go around halfway cutting off all the fingers from my victims. I seemed to be some sort of serial offender, and I would just target anyone, and subdue them somehow and cut off their fingers at the first joint after their knuckles. The details are fuzzy, but I did this to quite a few people in my dream.

After several incidents, I was confronted by a tall, well-built and sharply dressed (think classic Zoot suit style with a fedora) black man who was very imposing. He seemed to be some detective or investigator that had discovered I was the criminal committing all of these crimes. It was late in the evening with a waning light and the sound of rushing water was very apparent for some reason. We were standing by some trees that lined a wide street, which must have been inspired by the skyscrapers and closeness of suburban Chicago (where I was living at the time), although it was NYC in my dream. There was a river on the other side of the trees which is what emanated the sound of running water. Opposite of the road was an obnoxiously long strip mall stretching along the entire road, and we stood between the road and the lined trees.

This detective had found out that I was the one going around cutting people’s fingers, and he had apparently called for backup since I could hear the incoming sirens and my impending capture. I didn’t know what else to do, so I took the giant razor blade out of my pocket that I had committed my previous crimes with, and I cut my own fingers off, in the same fashion that I had mutilated others’ hands. After cutting off my fingers down to the first knuckle, I threw the knife into the nearby river, hoping that this would be enough to frame the detective in front of me and ensure that I was perceived as the victim and let go. I didn’t get to see the result of that though, because I woke up as I stood there, bleeding out of my finger-nubs standing before the shocked detective.

Six Eyed Agents

The last dream that I posted marks the last of the dreams that I can recall from when I was younger. I started actually writing down notes about my dreams when I was in college, so this would be first dream that I could recall after many years of failing to write them down. As such, I would have been about 18 when I had this dream.

Six Eyed Agents

In this dream, my friend Nathon and I were slick-suited mafia agents. Like any typical member of the Mafia, we were employed to carry out hits and sometimes kill other people. We were OK, but we needed to get better. We figured that a way to improve would be by improving our sight… by surgically adding more eyes. We both underwent surgery to give us 4 more eyes, 2 sets of eyes above our existing eyes, so we ended up with 2 columns of 3 eyes that extended up to the top of our foreheads. It was supposed to look “normal”, as normal as 6 eyes on a human can be. Nathon luckily had the ability to revert his face to normal on command, but my face ended up being a total mess, and looked more like I had reconstructive surgery face with a Picasso-inspired doctor, albeit with 3 times the normal amount of eyes.

We went on a mission, carrying out our hits and killing people that we were supposed to. I kept complaining that I needed a silencer for my 9mm pistol because it was simply too loud, so Nathon and I went to some rundown house that sported a crumbling chimney. In the ruined house was an old man, who I could only suppose was our contact or supplier, because I was engaging him in conversation, trying to convince him that I needed a silencer. In the middle of our discussion however, I woke up.

Escape into the Slave I

This would be the last of my really old dreams that I remembered much later and wrote down. Everything after this has been lost to the annals of poor memory over time, up until I start writing down my dreams, which started again in college sometime.

Escape into the Slave I

As with all my old dreams, the details are fuzzy. I was running through a densely wooded forest, leaping over fallen trees that were ravaged with moss. All around me laser shots missed us and hit the trees that we were running through. I believe my old friends from when I was younger, Josh, Hailey, and Nathan, were running with me away from something/someone, and they were trying to shoot us with red lasers.

We retreated into the woods as the red lasers flashed around us until we came into a clearing where the Slave I (which is Boba Fett’s ship from Star Wars for those of you who don’t know the name) was waiting for us. We quickly ran up the ramp into the hull, which was much larger on the inside than it should have been since we all fit inside with ample space to spare. I jumped into the pilot’s seat and prepared for departure. I remember putting on some sort of headband that contained a device like Boba Fett’s antenna, which I swiveled down to be positioned in front of my eye. I then simply took off and the ship got off the ground as the door closed, and we exited the atmosphere into the safety of space.

I remember swiveling around in my chair (which seemed like a really comfortable desk chair) and looking around the large room behind me to see my friends sitting on boxes or laying down, recovering from our recent flight from our pursuer with the lasers.

That was about it, and then I woke up.

Flying Mac and Cheese

I was still living at my mom’s old place on lilac lane, so I was probably a teenager at this point in real life.

In my dream, I was on the back porch. Our back porch was like most: OK sized, and it rose about 1 foot off the ground. The difference was that in my dream, the porch actually rose about 15 or 20 feet off the ground, making it a fairly steep fall if you were to go off of the back porch.

There were a few other people on the back porch whose identities I can’t recall. These other people were all making paper planes and throwing them off of the back porch. Since the porch was so high in my dream, the paper planes would glide for quite a while before touching down with the ground.

I was watching the others throw paper airplanes off the back porch when I started hearing some sort of alarm going off. I looked off the porch to discover an alarm clock on the ground with a really long power cable snaking up the wall below my feet, going by me to plug into the side of the house behind me. I figured that the alarm was coming from the alarm clock below me, so I unplugged it from the wall, but alas, that was not it, and the alarm persisted to ring.

I looked around for a few moments, pondering where the sound was originating from, and through a window set in the wall of the house, I could see the kitchen, and more importantly, the oven. That had to be it! I went through the back door, turned to my left and went into the kitchen. Although the oven had many dials in real life, like a normal oven would, the oven only had 1 dial on it in my dream. I figured that had to be it though, so I turned the dial to the side.

The alarm didn’t turn off, instead the light for the oven turned on so I could see the contents on the inside of the oven. At first all I could see was an empty oven, but then, from seemingly nowhere, macaroni started pouring into the oven and flying around in a circle in the oven, mysteriously suspended in a doughnut-like formation as it twirled around some invisible tornado. I was quite perplexed, so I turned the dial once more in hopes of somehow fixing the situation (and turning off the persistent alarm). Instead of stopping the macaroni, turning the dial again seemed to cause a liquidy cheese solution to also start pouring into the oven, mixing with the macaroni, effectively making a flying doughnut of macaroni and cheese inside the oven.

At that point, I stood up, utterly lost. I guess my stepdad, Dave, was in the living room in my dream, so I turned towards the living room and started to ask him for help:

Hey Dave, can you –

And then I woke up halfway through my sentence, while still talking and finishing my sentence as I woke up:

– help me turn off the oven?”

(Note that I don’t remember exactly what I said since it was so many years ago, but it was something along those lines)

Lo and behold, the alarm that I was hearing the whole time in my dream was my real alarm clock. I got up, went over to my alarm, turned it off and prepared for school.

Food Fight on the Great Wall

Here is another one of my dreams I had from when I was much younger.

As the dream goes, I was walking along the Great Wall of China with an old friend of mine, Chris.

We were walking along the wall, but in my dream, I believe the wall was much wider than it is in reality as it seemed to be about 20ft or so wide. I was carrying a paper-sack lunch with me as we were walking down the wall and I pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from my paper-sack. I held the sandwich in the palm of my hands and proceeded to squish the sandwich with my other fist for some reason. As I was squishing the sandwich, Chris and I came up to one of the guard towers that are spaced out along the wall. The tower was equally as wide as the wall, and again equally long, making the interior quite roomy compared to how much more tight the towers must be in real life.

We entered the guard tower to discover that the interior was actually a large cafeteria, complete with round tables, chairs, and people sitting at the tables. The tables all had a plate of some food at each table, with each table having different food than the other tables. The people sitting at each table all wore the same color of shirts, making it look like they were part of team. Everyone was eerily quiet, awkwardly looking around as we quietly walked up to our table, which I guess we knew because our shirts matched the shirts the others at that table were wearing. We took our seats and started awkwardly looking around with the others, like everyone was waiting for something to happen which would never come to be.

After a few moments, I took the initiative, stood up, grabbed a handful of cake from our table and started throwing it at nearby tables.

The food fight was on! People started returning fire and throwing food in our direction and the whole room erupted in chaos as artillery of cake, mashed potatoes, bread, and any other soft food, sailed through the air.

My dream ended up ending during the fight as we all continuously threw food at others from other tables.

The rope swing and a violent awakening

This is another one of my oldest dreams that I can remember. It was definitely when I was much younger, as I remember waking up and seeing my babysitter at the time, which I will get to at the end of this dream.

As it was, in my dream, I was walking along the side of a mountain on a small hiking trail with uphill being to my left and downhill obviously on my right. The mountain was heavily wooded, and seemed quite similar to one of the many hiking trails on Snow King, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

As I was walking, I came across a small creek that was trickling down the mountain. At this creek was a rope hanging from one of the trees directly adjacent to the creek that one could use as a swing to get across the small creek (which was totally unnecessary, as you could have easily jumped over the creek to get to the other side, but it was fun I suppose). There was a group of other children who were taking turns swinging across the creek. I waited until it was my turn to swing, and I swung across the creek as normal. The thing was, my swing didn’t stop when it should have. Since the rope started at roughly a 30 degree angle from the top vertex, physics would dictate that my swing would go to less than 30 degrees on the other side. For some reason though, I kept swinging on the rope until the rope was about parallel with the ground, which resulted in me being much too high in the air for comfort.

For reasons unbeknownst to me though, I let go of the rope while I was at the apex of the swing, and I just kept flying in a parabolic fashion into the distance in another physics-defying move. My flight trajectory went much farther out than it should have, as if I was going much faster than I really was when I let go of the rope as I ended up traveling a couple miles from a simple, small, and slow start on the rope swing which resulted in me rocketing off the mountain.

The picture below kind of more clearly shows what I mean, although my toaster-of-a-camera’s quality isn’t that great, I think you get the idea. The left diagram is how it should be with real physics, while the right diagram is more how it happened in my dream.

flight path

I traveled for a while through the air, but I eventually came down, and came down hard. I landed on a cobblestone clearing next to a fountain, but it was not a fountain I recognized, because at the time (of being roughly 8-10 or so) I don’t believe I had ever seen a fountain so big. I don’t recall what the fountain looked like itself, but it was a good few-dozen feet across with a stone ring around the base of it. As I slammed down on the cobblestone area next to it, I saw about half a dozen lifeguards (from a swimming pool) running towards me with those red rescue tubes that lifeguards have (I had to look what you call those in Google because I had no idea what those were called until writing this). I don’t know why there were lifeguards at a fountain, but that’s the way it was.

The moment of me hitting the cobblestone and seeing the lifeguards happened pretty simultaneously, as the whole moment lasted only a brief couple seconds due to me waking up right after hitting the ground. What I recall that freaked me out the most was that I had what could have been called a seizure when I woke up, but I am not sure.

In the real world, we had a babysitter over, and she was sleeping on a bed in one of our bedrooms back at the old house I used to live in in Jackson Hole. I was taking a nap on one of those inflatable mattresses you would take to a swimming pool (which might explain the lifeguards in my dream) on the ground next to the bed. As I woke up, I remember shaking quite violently which in turn woke up my babysitter who got pretty freaked out. I don’t recall what happened after that, whether we told my parents or if I saw a doctor or anything like that, but I luckily haven’t experienced an awakening quite like that since.