Into The Vault

This was another dream that I had while in University. Although I was in Chicago at the time, my dream started off in my hometown, Jackson, WY.

My dream started off with me standing in front of the Staples store on Broadway in Jackson. I was actually looking at the other side of the street where the Taco Bell is (was? I heard it shut down actually). In my dream though, it wasn’t a Taco Bell, but rather another fast food restaurant that I had dreamed about being in this place in other dreams (I unfortunately haven’t written any of those dreams with this recurring location down, though). While looking across the street, I was tlaking with some unknown person to my side until a school bus came by, which I boarded. I was whisked away to school (which is just odd, because I was already 19 and in University at the time), and I walked into a classroom. Inside the room were only 3 other people – my old roommates, Greg and Josh, and another random person.

We left the classroom and started walking around the school. At first, the school seemed quite normal, but we did end up finding a hangar inside the school with a spaceship parked inside.

My memory got fuzzy, unfortunately, so I don’t recall quite how it happened, but I somehow ended up north of Jackson with the others. It is the middle of winter and the entire area is blanketed in snow. The air was cold enough that it hurt to breathe, and in addition to that, it is dark.

Greg kept insisting that he had to go north of Jackson over some moutain range, but I needed to go south of Jackson, towards Etna (a small town south of Jackson). I ultimately decided to just go with greg and have my dad pick me up at our destination by reasoning that going south would be boring and crossing the mountains would be more exciting.

The 2 others (Josh and the random person) decided to follow us as well, and we all took off towards the mountains. Once we got to the mountain, we started ascending it, but we quickly found a door in the side of the mountain that led to a bomb shelter like the one from Fallout 3. One of us managed to hack the door’s security and we entered through the now open vault door.

Inside, everything was surprisingly well lit, but completely deserted. We kept going deeper into the vault, walking through doors and hallways, with us hacking the doors each time. It reminded me of a construction site with all the rooms because there were still production and manufacturing goods like they were making the place and then just abruptly stopped.

After a while of exploring the vault, we found ourselves at a gift shop so we started looking around what it had to offer. Inside the shop was a cool variety of anime, star wars, Magic the gathering, and other various nerdy stuff. Basically everything I was interested in. I picked up a gold-plated Death Star, which was met with the wrath of Josh because he snapped at me, exclaiming that he was about to pick it up. I don’t know what agreement we came to afterwards, but we worked it out and I got to keep it.

The other random guy and I decided to keep going and we went through a couple doors and as we were walking through the doors we came across a long hallway and upon investigating the attached rooms, we found that there were classes of people in there. I can’t recall what was so bad, but by looking in and listening, we could tell things were not good, and we had to get out. I believe it was giving off some serious cult-like vibe.

The two of us turned around to leave the way we came, but Greg and Josh had decided to follow us, and they were entering the hallway. We signaled for the two of them to be quiet and to stop entering the hallway, which they luckily complied with. The other guy and I started creeping our way back to the exit, but someone in one of the classes saw us and signaled an alarm for the others. Two people wielding batons exited from one of the rooms adjacent to the hallway and started running after us.

The four of us now took off, running away from them as quick as possible. All the doors that we had hacked and passed through were now closed, so we had to run away from the guards and then rapidly hack the door so we could open it and continue fleeing. I remember it being incredibly fast-paced, exciting, and stressful as we were chased. We kept gaining ground as we were running, but every door slowed us down, allowing them to gain considerable ground on us.

We were before one of the last doors, about to make our escape, but the baton-wielding goons had almost caught up to us. I awkwardly managed to pull out a knife that I had in my pocket, and I hurled it at the bigger of the two goons, who was trailing slightly behind the smaller, quicker one.

The knife somehow managed to land squarely in his throat, which was confirmed with a gurgling that came from him as he dropped to the ground. The other goon paused and glanced back at his companion before looking at me again with a horrified look on his face. In that time that he turned around and looked back at me, I had pulled out another knife that I had on me (I honestly can’t recall where I pulled it from this time) and had closed the gap between us.

I had the knife pressed against his throat, and in an attempt to freak him out, I put on a playful tone, much like Harley Quinn would do.

“What?” I playfully coaxed him, “You’re not going to let us run and have a little fun?”

Terror washed over his eyes, and in that moment, I woke up from my dream.

I think university might have been stressing me a bit…

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