Poisonous Spiders

Again, from my university days, I had a dream that I went to some relative’s house and had to use their bathroom to poop. When I went to the bathroom and looked at the toilet, the area between the toilet and the wall was saturated with cobwebs, and the cobwebs were teeming with a bunch of small poisonous spiders. I obviously didn’t want to sit down right next to a nest of poisonous spider and possibly be bitten, so I simply left.

I think this dream ended, however it might have been related to my following dream, or it could have been the same dream.

The next part / next dream started off with a bunch of kids I knew (all who were a couple years younger than me, but I can’t actually recall who they all were anymore). We all went on some expedition to some sort of power plant or factory-like location. Something went wrong and we had to evacuate for some reason, unfortunately I can’t recall what exactly. I came back to the same location after many, many years with another small group and the place seemed completely devoid of humans, abandoned. However, it was now infested with tons of small poisonous spiders. As we were walking through the complex, a lot of little hatches started opening to either side of us and people were crawling out, some of whom I recognized from the original expedition. Everyone seemed to have forgotten me for some reason, even though I recognized them. After the initial encounter, we found their leader and were exchanging notes and words with each other. We discovered that the people who lived there had already made it possible to live entirely underground, and they were amazed to figure out that we (as other people) lived mostly above ground. They explained that they sometimes came above ground for necessities or when they found out that people were in the factory, like we were, and wanted to investigate.

One of the new people in the new expedition I was with was amazed and disgusted that they could do this and thought he had to kill them all because they had become… “something else.” When he was told that they had a self-contained underground ecosystem, he frantically pressed “Well what do you do about plants?!” The underground dwellers said that the plants grew just fine (apparently these plants didn’t need photosynthesis to live). The person in my party that was interrogating them became crazed with the fact that the plants didn’t need sunlight, at which point he backed off very ominously into the shade underneath a building, fading into the darkness (note: he was dressed like a dragoon the entire time for some reason). My dream then ended.

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