Falling in a canal

I only recently started writing down my dreams (maybe in the last couple years), so I have unfortunately forgotten a lot of my curious dreams that I have had over the years. Regardless, there is still a few dreams I had from when I was much younger, so I will try to revisit all the oldest dreams that I can recall.

This one happened when I was young, I want to say about 10 years old. The details are lacking because of how long it has been since I had the dream.

In my dream, I was walking around at some wedding in a field nearby Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was in the middle of a valley, tucked behind a small hill, and there was a large wooden house that a lot of the attendees were at. To the side of the house lay a small gathering of trees. Not quite a forest, but it wasn’t just 1 or 2 trees either. Just past the trees was a smaller cabin that some other kids were playing by. Surrounding the houses and small gathering of trees was an open prairie of sagebrush.

I was standing somewhere in between the 2 buildings in the grove and I was thinking about joining the other children, but I decided to walk through the grove, away from both buildings instead in a perpendicular fashion. I could see people at the bigger house by a triple-layer wedding cake as I walked through the trees to the edge of the trees. There was a small wooden surface at the end of the grove which functioned as a bridge, as there was the beginning of a creek before the bridge which went under the bridge to continue into a irrigation ditch as it went away from the houses. I turned to the right and crossed the bridge, made a left, and then proceeded to walk along the ditch. It almost immediately went from a small ditch to a decently wide, and unbelievably deep concrete-lined canal.

I was walking along the canal until I came to a couple curved metal bars coming out of the concrete at the edge of the canal. The bars doubled over and went into the canal, acting as the top part of a ladder. Beneath that were a series of wide iron loops embedded into the concrete which acted as a ladder. I decided to descend the ladder and started going down the ladder. I kept going for a few dozen feet, but the rings suddenly ended and with it, the ladder. For an unknown reason, I kept descending and fell off the ladder. I plummeted down the canal for another few dozen feet as I watched myself fall to the water below from a third person perspective.

The surprising thing that happened though was that right before I hit the water, a large whale (of unknown type) surfaced in the canal. This managed to stop my deadly fall into the water, as the whale’s soft body acted as a cushion of sorts.

I don’t recall anything else happening in the dream, just falling onto the whale and being saved. The weird thing was that I got a shirt in the mail from my Aunt a few weeks later. This shirt surprisingly had a depiction of a couple whales on it, and at the time I thought it had to be some act of fate, and I eagerly related the story of my recent dream to my mom who was there when I opened the package. Looking back now, it was surely just a coincidence though.

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  1. Bridger it was so awesome to have shared a DREAM. So many times I wish I could share my dreams. They are so beautiful at times then left me in a world I wish I”d never leave. Once I though I could put them all in a journal but it would take forever. Please keep on recording yours.Grandma.

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