Six Eyed Agents

The last dream that I posted marks the last of the dreams that I can recall from when I was younger. I started actually writing down notes about my dreams when I was in college, so this would be first dream that I could recall after many years of failing to write them down. As such, I would have been about 18 when I had this dream.

Six Eyed Agents

In this dream, my friend Nathon and I were slick-suited mafia agents. Like any typical member of the Mafia, we were employed to carry out hits and sometimes kill other people. We were OK, but we needed to get better. We figured that a way to improve would be by improving our sight… by surgically adding more eyes. We both underwent surgery to give us 4 more eyes, 2 sets of eyes above our existing eyes, so we ended up with 2 columns of 3 eyes that extended up to the top of our foreheads. It was supposed to look “normal”, as normal as 6 eyes on a human can be. Nathon luckily had the ability to revert his face to normal on command, but my face ended up being a total mess, and looked more like I had reconstructive surgery face with a Picasso-inspired doctor, albeit with 3 times the normal amount of eyes.

We went on a mission, carrying out our hits and killing people that we were supposed to. I kept complaining that I needed a silencer for my 9mm pistol because it was simply too loud, so Nathon and I went to some rundown house that sported a crumbling chimney. In the ruined house was an old man, who I could only suppose was our contact or supplier, because I was engaging him in conversation, trying to convince him that I needed a silencer. In the middle of our discussion however, I woke up.

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